April 2, 2012

Regenerating the Body: Where to Begin... by Jeri

On December 7, 2008, my life and the lives of my family changed forever as my dear husband, Charlie, of 35 years, lay in ICU at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in an induced coma and on life support. We were granted a miracle and 6 weeks later brought him home. Even though he survived the hospital ordeal, it was frightening at times because he was so unhealthy and neither one of us could imagine a long future together.

For Charlie, a life of eating junk foods processed foods and drinking Diet Pepsi like an alcoholic had taken its toll. He was in so much pain that he walked like a little old decrepit man. When his surgeon told him, “frankly Mr. Taylor, there isn’t another doctor in this community that will ever want to touch you again,” we knew we were in trouble and felt desperate. This is when we turned to “alternative” forms of healing. Our daughter, Jada, had become a family herbalist due to some health problems of her own and she started teaching me about beneficial herbs and raw foods. I was very open to this because I was raised on them.

We started eating as many raw or frozen fruits and vegetables as possible (8 to 10 servings a day), grains, legumes, raw nuts, no dairy, very little meat maybe once a week or less), and no processed foods, no white bread, no sugar, and no sweeteners with aspartame (which includes many diet sweeteners). We love at least 16 ounces of green smoothie for breakfast, a nice big salad for lunch, packed with all kinds of vegetables, nuts or seeds and homemade salad dressing. For dinner we eat our starchy vegetables, like potatoes or squash, or legumes. When reaching for a snack we will grab some fruit or nuts.   

At first it sounded hard and I didn’t know how I would survive without meat 2 or 3 times a day. However, I recognized these things as truth and knew a change was necessary so that Charlie could really LIVE and not just exist. I also knew that in order for Charlie to be successful, it would be necessary that I participate fully and eat the same foods. This has actually been incredibly easy.

A lifestyle change in eating habits is the easiest path to regeneration. The body can and does regenerate when given the proper foods.


  1. I had no idea this happened to Charlie!

  2. I remember you telling me this story. Amazing. I saw Charlie for the first time when my husband got his feet zoned and he looks great! Need to find the motivation to learn how to eat like this.