April 17, 2012

Keyboards, Computers and Feet... by Jeri

If you have seen Enso:Intrinsically Awaken’s blog GIVEAWAY, you may be wondering what in the world is Foot Zone Balance Therapy! 3½ years ago I was wondering the same thing. Here is a little analogy that may help you understand: Imagine your feet as the keyboard to your body’s computer. Now, I don’t know a lot about computers, but I do know that when I type on my keyboard the message and symbols appear on the computer screen. I am able to access many different programs, which are right at my fingertips. I find e-mail, folders from years past and can search for whatever I want in the world. I have no idea whatsoever how it happens, but it does!

Through the keyboard of the feet we are able to access the amazing computer of the body and its many different programs or systems and organs. Sometimes my computer gets a virus or it crashes! There are times when my body has done the same thing! Like the computer, the body is an electrical instrument and has energy moving through it at all times. If you briefly pull the plug on your home PC it stops working because the energy source was messed with, but if you plug it back in it will start up again. Similarly, when the body’s energy source is out of whack it no longer functions at its optimum level. As we access the body through the feet, it is our intent to clear out the junk, repair some programs, update others and do a virus scan!

The body is an amazing instrument and it knows what it needs to heal and to reprogram. It does not make mistakes, but it will do whatever it takes to survive. If you are noticing aches and pains your body is trying to get your attention.

For the last couple of weeks I experienced some hip pain, which got progressively worse until I could not sleep because the pain was so intense. Yesterday afternoon I finally slowed down enough to have a “zone”. Jaclyn was able to access my body’s computer systems, reprogram and put everything into balance, which created a healing environment. As soon as the zone was over the pain was gone and I was able to enjoy a wonderful nights rest.

In today’s world our bodies are subject to toxins, stress, emotions, injury, viruses, etc. and many people want to reclaim their health in a natural, safe and holistic way. Using the feet as the keyboard to the body’s computer system is a wonderful, relaxing way to discover your health. I LOVE the “zone”.

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