March 28, 2012

"Keep It Simple, Stupid!" Jac

Without a doubt, that is my favorite quote from design school (coined by Kelly Johnson). All it takes to ruin a great design is complexity. I've found that this carries over into all areas of life. But today I want to talk about food.

Our bodies were not designed to tolerate counterfeit foodprocessed food. Food with all these additives, preservatives, and chemicals. Surprisingly, about 90% of food consumed in our country is just that. If our bodies can't break it down, it causes damage to tissues and organs. Is it any wonder that lethargy, digestive issues, weight problems, insulin resistance, heart disease, chronic illness, and cancer are continually on the rise!?

Our society is so caught up in the here and now. We are always on the move, always on the go, always in a rush. Everything has to be quick and easy. But look at what its doing to us! Is quick and easy really what it appears when its causing complications with health and vitality, and therefore, increasing our medical expenses?

What if we all took a step back and simplified our lives with food that compliments the incredible design of our digestive system!?

Eating alkaline foods is a great way to start. I expect you'll be seeing a post about this sometime in the near future, but for now here is a great site with an extensive acid-alkaline food chart, recipes and guide:

If you are only interested in the chart, click on "List of Alkaline Foods" underneath the image for the Alkaline Food Chart just off to the right (sidebar) of this blog.

Enjoy the beginnings of simplifying your life. I'm certainly not near perfect at it, but I'm learning everyday. And so far, it's been a very rewarding process!

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