April 27, 2012

Spinal Alignment--All Through The Feet! by Jada

One of the most amazing benefits to getting Zone Balance Therapy, personally, has been physical alignment of the spine. It is one effect of the zone that I experience on a regular basis. 

One morning, about seven years ago, I rolled over in my bed with full intent to get up and get going for the day. Instead, I felt the most sickly pop in my neck.  It left me stuck, in my bed, completely unable to move to the left or right.  Luckily, my cell phone was on my pillow to call my husband home for help. 

I spent two months in physical therapy to regain movement in my neck and spine. However, I never felt like I had fully recovered. I always had lingering pain in my neck and back from that day.

Fast forward two years…

I experienced the same injury, but this time was worse! I couldn’t move without severe pain shooting through my entire body. My parents and husband came to my rescue, but this time they were certain I would need help they could not give me. I begged them to just force my body off the bed. My left arm was curled and crippled up to my shoulder. I couldn’t stand without assistance and walking was excruciating.

I convinced Bryan, my mom, and dad that I needed a zone. Bryan called our zoner, even though he and my dad stood by skeptically. When our zoner arrived, I sat on a hard Kitchen chair, while she worked on my sensitive feet. 

By the time she was done, I could stand up tall and straight. My body was tender from the trauma it had just experienced, but I could move and walk without assistance. 

In a matter of only two weeks and two zones, I was back to normal…better than normal! I was completely shocked that my body had bounced back so quickly without forceful manipulation of my neck or spine. But, my spine had been aligned and my body, brought back into balance all through my feet.

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