April 20, 2012

The Zone and Pregnancy by Jada

Maybe it’s because I have five children that I get asked often about Zone Balance Therapy and pregnancy.  I can say that my last two babies were “zoning” babies from conception to labor and with #5, even during labor and right after delivery. 

Foot Zone Balance Therapy is great for bringing the body into a state of homeostasis, or balance, which includes your hormones. The Reproductive System is one of the many areas of the body that the Zone proves to be incredible. 

Here are some common pregnancy complaints that I personally have experienced and reaped amazing benefits from being zoned:

1. Fertility—I had trouble getting pregnant with 2 out of my 5 children and had to go on fertility treatments. After baby #3 came four years after #2, I was sure I was done having babies. I couldn’t possibly go through all of the nasty side effects of the fertility drugs and put my family through that again. About 9 months before baby #4 came along, I received my first Zone! My zoner could feel and clear blockages in my ovaries and Fallopian tubes. From my experience and many others, Zone Balance Therapy is known to increase fertility. 

2. Morning Sickness—I have been blessed that I have not experienced horrible morning sickness. [I threw up only once with each of my pregnancies.] But, I have definitely experienced the wooziness in the morning and throughout the daytime when I have had an empty stomach and the feelings that absolutely NOTHING sounds good to eat or that I HAVE to have chocolate or an ARBY’s Roast Beef Sandwich with curly fries. [Which sounds really disgusting now, btw!] During my fifth pregnancy, I was lucky enough to get zoned weekly. The morning sickness was very minimal compared to the previous four. My cravings were much more controlled and I didn’t give in as easily.

3. I Am SO TIRED!—Exhaustion is something that just comes with being pregnant, right? However, being Zoned increased my energy levels to the point that I could function in the ways that I needed to [like selling my house, packing up to move to an apartment while we built a larger home so our fifth baby wouldn’t have to sleep in a drawer].

4. Sciatic Nerve Issues/Back Pain—In each of my first three pregnancies, I spent more time on my Chiropractor’s table than I did in my OB’s office. My back was always going out and my growing belly was putting constant pressure on my sciatic nerve causing great pains shooting from my hips all the way down to my toes. With my fourth and fifth pregnancies, Zone Balance Therapy brought my body into balance. Physically my back was stronger and stayed in alignment longer. The sciatic nerve pain was managed very well getting regular zones during both pregnancies, so much so that I rarely felt sciatic pain.

5. Pelvic Pain and Pressure—During my fourth pregnancy, I got to about the sixth month and felt as if I had to pick up my right leg to move it out of bed, in and out of the car, and physically, move it forward if I stood in one place long enough. Oh, the waddling!!! It was excruciating at times. My pregnancy hormones were doing a fine job of separating my pubic bone and my pelvic girdle in preparation for birth, but this was too soon! Zone Balance Therapy was able to realign my pelvic girdle and keep things nice and tight until it was time to loosen things up again for labor.

6. Mood Swings/Emotional Release—My poor family knows that when I am pregnant to stay clear of mom! Let’s just say, I ask for forgiveness often… But, when I am getting zoned regularly, (regardless of pregnancy or not) I get an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT.  Everything seems right in the world after a zone… just ask my husband! The things that stress me out aren’t as stressful. Believe it or not, my surroundings even become brighter. The woes of pregnancy just don’t seem as bad after a zone and that is a great reason to be happy and all around pleasant.

7. Labor Induction—Now this is a BIG one. So, I will start out with this DISCLAIMER, if you will…

ZONE BALANCE THERAPY will NOT put you into labor UNLESS your body is READY to be in labor.  However, the Zone will help your body PREPARE for labor. If you go into PRETERM labor, the zone MAY help STOP the body from going into PRETERM labor. But, as ALWAYS consult your doctor as I am NOT a doctor :)

On that note… Here is my experience with labor induction and the zone:  With baby #4, I tell people that the zone “got me pregnant” and the zone got me “un-pregnant”.  I started having very strong regular contractions at 35 weeks with my son.  That day, I had been to the doctor and that day he told me that I was at a point that they wouldn’t stop labor if anything were to happen.  Well, it did, and he stopped me!  They gave me a little tiny pill that brought all contractions to a halt after laboring in the exam room for 3 hours with no progress.  I was so FRUSTRATED and I don’t think I had ever been so angry in my life!  For two more weeks, I didn’t feel a single contraction.  I went to my regular appointment and saw a different doctor, the one who had delivered my two previous babies.  He took pity on me and stripped my membranes, which sent me into labor quickly with my first three babies.  However, this time was different…still no contractions!  I called my zoner.  She worked on my feet and I started contracting again right there on her couch! My baby boy was born 6 hours later.

8. The Zone During Labor and After Birth—My mom zoned me weekly from the beginning to the end of my fifth pregnancy. She was there with Bryan and me at the hospital with her essential oils, ready for whatever I would need. Since this was my first time going into labor without any medical assistance [ie. stripped membranes] and my first natural childbirth, things were progressing slowly, more so than in my past experiences [which was truly fine with me]. She zoned my cervix [on my feet!] to help it stretch and soften. She worked on my pelvic girdle to help things spread so the baby could drop further into the birth canal for a safe passageway out. If the zone wasn’t good for anything else, [which it was] just the act of putting oils on my feet and loving and caring touch was enough to help alleviate the stresses of labor. It was a beautiful experience from beginning to end. When my beautiful baby girl was born and the placenta was delivered, my mom zoned me again this time working on my pelvic girdle to encourage structural alignment to put things back into place. This act, along with the use of Millenia, a Butterfly Express essential oil, brought my body back into alignment quickly. Even though this was my fifth time delivering a baby, I had never healed so quickly or gotten back into my pre-pregnancy jeans so fast! I also didn’t bleed as heavy and as long during my post-partum recovery.

To sum it all up, Zone Balance Therapy is great for all aspects of pregnancy from conception to delivery and beyond. If you or someone you know would benefit from the Zone for an increase in fertility, relief from common pregnancy issues, and emotional release before labor, contact us!  You and your developing, growing baby both will benefit greatly. 

*Unless you have been getting zoned regularly, it is not recommended to get Zoned during the first trimester of pregnancy.

*Please note we do not make any claims about the many benefits Zone Balance Therapy has to offer.  These are my personal experiences with Zone Balance Therapy during my pregnancy. ~ Jada 

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