April 11, 2012

The Best Part of Waking Up is Green Smoothie in Your Cup… by Jac

You already know I'm fascinated by pH, alkalinity and real foods. The best way to consume more alkaline foods is to drink them. Green smoothies are quick and delicious. In fact, if you ever ask me what my favorite food is, I'll tell you it's a green smoothie. Drinking them seriously makes me deliriously happy. Am I weird? Don't answer that…

Our beloved Green Smoothie Girl has a wealth of knowledge available on her website, including The Biggest Green Smoothie Recipe Collection. Yum!! Her readers contributed their very best recipes for this book. Then an army of Green Smoothie Girls and Guys tested and proved them.

Green Smoothie Girl says that according to her research in The Green Smoothies Diet, "more than 95% of regular green smoothie drinkers experience a noticeable positive effect on their health or quality of life. 84% are so enthusiastic about the green-smoothie habit that they teach it to others! And top health benefits include more energy (85%), better digestion (80%), fewer cravings for sweets and junk food (65%), more positive, stable mood (54%), prettier skin (50%), and weight loss (50%)."

If you haven't yet, check out her website at greensmoothiegirl.com. Green smoothies are the good life.

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