June 20, 2012

Nature Heals... by Jac

Kaunala Trail, Oahu
I've always known deep, down inside that nature has a unique ability to bring healing in many capacities. In fact, it's something I've been philosophizing over for years, but especially beginning my senior year at Brigham Young University–Idaho, as I slaved to bring my BFA (emphasis Graphic Design) project to life.

The BFA class was set-up for two semesters: one semester to figure out concepts and logistics, and one semester to execute the physical product of our creation, whatever it may be. The task was daunting throughout, with constant deadlines staring me in the face. The work moved along slowly and almost reluctantly, yet it was quite intense. Every attempt to move forward drained me physically and emotionally. 

Looking back, I realize it paralleled the relationship I was in at that time. I was supposed to be married at the end of BFA semester one, and my original plan was to plow straight through the rest of school. I just wanted to be done! However, my fiance threw a huge (and might I add, selfish) fit. Too exhausted to battle it out, I raised my white flag and applied for deferment. BYU–Idaho granted his wish and approved my taking summer semester off and finishing up in the fall.

A few weeks later, the truth came out. Apparently, he'd been having little talks with my family members, especially my dad. He was mistakenly confident they would agree with his opinion that finishing school was a waste of my time. He revealed to them his scheme to marry me and whisk me away to Texas, in attempt to stop me from completing the degree I'd been working so hard for. So… everything he'd ever told me was a lie! Needless to say, that relationship ended pretty quick—one month before the wedding.

I was hurt and betrayed by someone I had loved and placed trust in. The hardest part, however, was losing my best friend (his sister). I haven't a clue what he told his family, but it must have been awful, because they attacked fiercely. I received several venomous emails from his family. Three were from her, my supposed best friend, who was now striking the lowest of blows. And she could, because she knew me better than most. And she knew what would hurt me the deepest. And wow! She did a terrific job…

I had to get away. Now I had an entire summer wide open, with nothing to keep my mind off of everything. It was all such a blur. The next thing I knew, I was living in the avenues in SLC with my Dad's cousin and his family, interning at Skogen group, and working for Chevron Credit Bank. I had an incredible view of the city, so at night I'd stay up late either reading books for distraction or writing in my journal, contemplating how to move forward.

Emotionally, things didn't start progressing until my cousin Ashley came home for the summer and we began running trails every morning. That's when I began to understand the true healing power of nature. The dirt, rocks, twigs and leaves provided excellent grounding. The mountains gave me unsurpassed strength to cope. The brilliant sun warmed my disconsolate heart. The sunflowers that lined the trails inspired me to always turn my head toward light and truth. The sky revealed endless possibilities as the clouds took shape. The creeks and rivers taught me to flow with life—in, over and around any obstacle.

The groundwork of my BFA project completed itself this way. As I ran, knowledge would stream into my mind. It would stay there, until I returned home and emptied my head into my sketchbook. Day after day. By the end of summer, I was ready to successfully proceed to phase 2 of my BFA.

If you are in the midst of a struggle, get yourself to nature. She will help you to overcome the things that now seem so unsurmountable. She will heal you, if you listen to her.  

June 4, 2012

Zone Balance Therapy and Synapses

For many years I felt disconnected and confused and I never understood why. During We Do Feet Seminars, Lisa, a fellow classmate was zoning me and as she integrated my right and left-brain I felt a powerful connection. I had never felt anything quite like it but knew that something amazing had just happened that had to do with my brain! I now feel connected, whole and complete. Could it be that the synapses in my brain were not communicating properly?

Long ago it was believed that the brain we developed as a child was the brain we were stuck with forever. The neural connections and chemicals we ended up with would doom us with negative thoughts, behaviors and bad habits. The human power to change was ignored leaving one to feel hopeless.

Luckily, a new breed of science showed us that the mind has the power to change our physical reality. There is hope indeed and Zone Balance Therapy can assist that change.

What are synapses? A synapse is a specialized junction where a neuron communicates with a target cell. The neuron releases a chemical transmitter that diffuses across a small gap and activates special sites called receptors on the target cell (www.medterms.com). Simply put, it allows the electrical activity in one nerve cell to influence the electrical activity of another.

Several times when zoning I have felt the neurons in the brain are misfiring, causing miscommunication at the synapse on some clients. After 3 zones, a 10 year-old boy diagnosed with ADD, reports he is able to focus in school and he feels better.

My husband, Charlie, suffered from several mini strokes and was experiencing memory loss. After being zoned regularly, he claims his memory has improved and he now enjoys clarity of thought and mind.

An active 86 year old, my beautiful mother sometimes feels overwhelmed with the day to day duties of caring for home and yard and keeping up with my 94 year old dad! At one point I was very concerned that she was showing signs of forgetfulness. Monthly zones have helped her mind stay “sharp as a tack”, and the fear of memory loss is past.

Regular Foot Zone Balance therapy promotes balance and homeostasis, putting the mind and body in a parasympathetic state which assists healing. I love the benefits of the zone.

June 1, 2012

Oops! I did it again... by Jac

My pretty little gash. It's quite deeper
than it looks! Bruises just taking form.

Remember that one time I told you I had an injury free summer and I was so proud? I thought I had it all figured out—at least the "moving forward in life" stuff. I thought my knee injuries were over! Unfortunately, recent events would suggest otherwise. 

Here's the story: I went down to St. George with some great buddies for Memorial Day weekend. We decided to check out the Red Cliffs hike close to Leeds. The trail has many pools and awesome vertical rocks. 

We reached one point where we had to scale some steep rocks in order to stay dry. (If it hadn't been such a chilly, windy day, we would have just worn our swimsuits and planned to get wet.) My incredible Khombu shoes successfully transported me where I needed to go quickly and safely. Julie, however, was having traction issues. She thought if she climbed a little higher where it wasn't as steep, she would be able to climb down without a hitch. 

Nope. She was stuck. Jason, the one guy in our group, was trying to help her down by holding her feet to give her traction, but it just wasn't enough. Since I was already on the other side, I stepped in and grabbed her hand. She shuffled around a bit to find a confident step and went for it. 

She immediately slipped and slid downward at full speed and out of Jason's reach. I jerked her arm forward to save her from falling into the water. Consequently, it flung me off balance and I had to throw my weight forward to save myself. Next thing I knew, she was being slung back again and was about to go down, so I forcefully propelled us both forward to secure our position safely on the rocks. (It sounds much more dramatic telling it than if you had seen it happen- lol!)

The Red Cliffs hike.
Somewhere in that mess of events, I gashed, scraped and bruised up my knee. Luckily, I had brought Lavender and Yarrow essential oils and used them stopped the bleeding straightaway. Needless to say, I had a difficult time toughing out the rest of the hike with a disabled knee. 

The next day, frustration set in. How did I get taken out again? (There won't be any running, cycling, or zumba-ing for a little while…) Maybe I over-think and over-analyze, but I believe everything happens for a reason. There are lessons to be learned in everything, if only we will open our eyes.

I spent the next few days racking my brain… What am I afraid of? How am I not wanting or allowing myself to move forward? I keep drawing blanks. Honestly, I feel like I'm in a really good place right now. Nothing comes up.

Interestingly, one of my besties sent me a picture last night. She had shredded her leg sliding into third base. She was one of the buddies I'd just spent the weekend with. I had zoned her the day after my injury and guess what one of the major emotions she was holding on to was… Fear of moving forward.  

Hmmm… Is it possible that I was taking on her stuff before I even knew what her stuff was? I think so! Sometimes, I will find myself so melancholy one day, then later find out she was feeling the same way at the same time. Even hundreds of miles away, we have a special connection. When we care deeply for someone, it's easy to take on their stuff inadvertently, because of our desire to help them and to take away their aches and pains and sufferings. 

So what's the lesson learned from my recent experience? Don't take on other people's stuff!! My zoning instructor always said, "It's not my pig, it's not my farm."
All healing comes through one, Jesus Christ. He is the one who lifts the heavy burdens, not me. I can be understanding, compassionate, and empathetic. I can be an instrument to help people to heal. However, it's not my job to take other people's stuff and that takes conscious effort sometimes—at least until it becomes part of my nature.

I am grateful for an experience to keep me aware. And I can't wait to get back in the game. My mind and body are craving a good run... I guess I'd better get zoned again for quicker healing time!!