April 25, 2012

Moving Forward... by Jac

I'm a firm believer that emotions are the origin of 99.9% of physical problems. And supposedly, injuries and/or dysfunction having to do with the legs, knees, feet or hips have to do with emotions regarding moving forward in life. 

I have been known to be stubborn, inflexible, resistant to change, and unable to flow freely with life. Interesting that a good chunk of my past injuries and physical issues have fallen into the "knees, feet, hips" category...

In my last post, "Battered Up", I mentioned that last summer was the first time I survived a softball season without injury. (It's quite ridiculous, really.) I've always been described as "hard-core", but I think "accident prone" was probably a better description. 

Before the start of last season, I resolved to leave injuries in the past. I was working full-time as a graphic designer, going to massage therapy school at least 25 hours per week, studying in my sparse spare time, and somehow managing to squeeze in several early morning runs each week. 

I was also struggling with an exceptionally tight hamstring that caused a lot of difficulty with running, walking and sitting. My running buddy thought I should stop working out for a while and give it time to heal. I refused. All the different kinds of massage therapy I'd been receiving at school several times per week didn't touch it, which confirmed one thing: the source of the problem definitely stemmed from an emotional root.

I had to figure this out. I was determined that softball was going to be my outlet, not my downfall. I quested for knowledge and soon discovered that I had some serious resistance to moving forward in life.

Through the zone (combined with other emotional release techniques), the fears that were holding me back and inviting injuries and dysfunction were released. My hamstring quickly loosened up and I was good to go! I continued getting zoned (sometimes even zoning myself) as often as possible to help prevent new emotions from building up inside my body. And that is how I accomplished my injury-free feat last season.

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  1. If the emotion of moving forward is tied to the legs, hips, etc., what emotions are connected with poor digestion? How do you figure out what emotions you have been bottling up without even knowing it? What suggestions would you give to someone who is inexperienced with releasing emotions?

    1. Some of the common emotions found to cause poor digestion are: (1) feeling everyone is against you, (2) feel you need to fight your way through life, (3) feelings of anxiety, (4) fear of losing job or losing security, (5) lack of understanding what, how, when, where or why in life, (6) inability to assimilate & absorb the new in life, (7) wanting to live in the past, and/or (8) desire to stay in comfort zone. (Referenced from "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die" by Karol K. Truman.)

      Muscle testing (especially combined with some type of emotional release) is the best way to figure out what trapped emotions are there. Some of the easiest ways I've found to release emotion on myself are: (1) the emotion code (Dr. Bradley Nelson explains how this works and how to do it in his book "The Emotion Code"), (2) using "the script" from "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die" by Karol K. Truman, and (3) EFT or "meridian tapping" (check out http://thetappingsolution.org/44/tapping-world-summit-2012/)