March 15, 2012

Dear Friends,

The journey that leads people to zone balance therapy is as different as it is similar. Everyone has their own, very personal and individual stories, yet each has a desire to heal and be healed. For some, medical answers leave them feeling hopeless as loved ones suffer from seemingly incurable disease. Many are searching for relief and hope, others are suffering from unbearable depression and are looking for a spark of joy, and still others are answering a resounding call to be a tool in the hands of their creator to assist in healing. All are searching for answers and have been guided to the foot zone.

I love this quote: “Our ills are usually of our own begetting. They must be corrected by ourselves. Man is the master of his destiny, be it good or bad. Man has the inherent capacity to heal himself physically. A doctor may cleanse a wound, sew it up, bandage it well, but the natural power of the body must do the healing. Likewise, a healing process in the spirit and mind must come from within—from self-will. Others may help to cauterize the wound, suture it, and provide a clean proper environment for the healing, but the body, with the aid of the spirit, must heal itself.” —Spencer W. Kimball

It is wonderful when we come to the realization that healing is possible on many different levels – not only for ourselves, but for our families and friends.

I am so excited to teach spring classes for We Do Feet Seminars, which are beginning March 29th and 30th in the Idaho Falls, Rigby, and Rexburg area. The distinctive foot zone balance technique taught by We Do Feet has changed my life and has brought wonderful healing benefits to my family and clients. The method is unique in many ways and the curriculum is unlike any other. Continuing education is not necessary because upon graduation from We Do Feet Seminars, students know the entire zone and feel confident in practicing this amazing modality. In addition, once the course has been paid for and completed graduates are welcome to audit any class from any instructor at any time at no additional charge.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from Zone Balance Therapy or We Do Feet Seminars, please contact one of us. (You can find our contact info by clicking on the "contact us" tab on this blog.)



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