March 14, 2012

Teeter-Totters are Hard Core! by Jac

I woke up the other day thinking about teeter-totters! It brought back some great memories and even made me laugh out loud. 

I remember three old teeter-totters behind my now non-existent elementary school. We'd play on them ALL the time after school before making the trek home. We liked to see how long we could balance without one of us touching the ground. Then, we'd bounce up and down, like normal well-behaved children do... and then, unexpectedly, I'd push off with all the power I could muster up in my skinny little legs and send my poor buddy's side crashing forcefully to the ground. Suddenly, it was war!! We'd giggle like crazy as we kept pushing off harder and harder. One plummeting to the ground, the other holding on for dear life to prevent being catapulted into the sky to rest with the stars.

It's important to remember the power of force when it comes to balancing your life and striving for your goals. Pace yourself—pushing too hard, forcing things, and/or trying to jump straight to the top can cause instabilities that could, potentially, harm the goal. It puts all involved in danger of crashing down hard. And if you're the one on top, that's going to be one nasty fall. 

Determine your priorities. Do first things first. And take it one step at a time.

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