February 20, 2012


We are three zone balance therapists that want to provide a resource that helps people awaken to new knowledge and possibilities. It is meant to be a positive, uplifting blog that points people in the direction of health, whether it be through nutrition or by introducing different modalities we come across.

For our first post, we thought it fitting to introduce you to the mission statement of Enso: Intrinsically Awaken:
"In perfect beingness, to lovingly be healing hands in awakening the intrinsic intelligence within the body through providing zone balance therapy (and other effective modalities) to clients who are ready and willing to heal. First by obtaining appropriate energetic permission, and subsequently listening to, building trust with, and following the spirit/energy throughout the session."

We encourage you to check out the benefits of the zone by clicking on the Zone Balance Therapy tab on this blog. It'll blow your mind!

Also, feel free to send questions, comments, and/or suggestions our way!

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