February 22, 2012

Jac's Story

I drew the lucky straw, so you get to hear my story first. I'm Jac, graphic designer, licensed massage therapist (cranial sacral therapy and structural work are my true loves in bodywork) and zone balance therapist. 

Interestingly, design is where my journey as a healer began. It all started with a project in a 3D Design class. The assignment had only one guideline: to create a project based on President Clark's first devotional talk. He talked about living a "higher life." The possibilities to create were endless. 

After sketching countless ideas and concepts, none of them strong enough to take root, I awoke one morning with a blessed idea: the meditation tower, a game-based product designed to elevate your thoughts and intentions as you move your block from a lower to higher level (think Jenga).

The concept was solid, but the execution was weak because of time constraints. When my two-semester long BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) class arrived, I knew my big project had to be refining the design of the meditation tower and to build upon the product line, which I had already named Enso. 

Enso is the japanese word for circle. In Japan, the circle is never closed to symbolize openness and balancealways allowing for more light and truth to enter.

This project proved to be a wondrous blessing as it opened my mind and heart and unlocked new desires and cravings for knowledge, truth and light.

I received my first zone balance therapy session a couple of years later. I was so impressed with it—I immediately knew that I had to learn it. Each time I came home to visit, I made sure I had a zone scheduled. This continued for a couple of years, when suddenly, the intense burning desire to go for my dream of learning the zone consumed me. I was enrolled in class less than two weeks later and had even convinced my mom to do the same. Those classes changed our lives forever!

Subsequently, I found myself enrolled in classes at the Utah College of Massage Therapy because of a similar intense burning desire to continue my education and learn about the functions, movements and structures of the body in more depth. Education is priceless.

That's my story. The journey has been extraordinary. And the most exciting part is that this is only the beginning!

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