February 24, 2012

Jada's Story

 When it was just Bryan, my two oldest girls and me, we did things the way we were “supposed” to do them.  We faithfully took our girls for their well baby check-ups, got their immunizations on schedule and when they had a sniffle or an earache we would take them in for an anti-biotic.  It was part of our routine. In fact it was so much a part of our routine to go to the doctor, the girls expected their sticker and dum-dum sucker that celebrated their surviving yet another day of minimally invasive medical procedures.
One day I received an invitation in the mail requesting our participation in an anti-biotic resistance study conducted by a University.  I was to bring both of my children to a specific location inside the local Kmart where they would do a quick swab of their nostrils. They each received a gift card to Kmart for their involvement and I received the results of the test about a month later.  To my non-surprise, they both tested to be resistant to antibiotics.  They were 3 and 1 year old…resistant to antibiotics!
I read every bit of information I could get my hands on and learned to wait two days before giving them the anti-biotic. If they were better, no medicine and if they were worse [they NEVER were], I would dutifully administer the medicine.  But, they were never worse! They always got better without it and because they didn’t get the bubble gum flavored yuck, they didn’t get the rash and diarrhea that always accompanied the ten day torture…and it was! Fighting them to take it every time…
Bit by bit, I would find out new home remedies and try that instead of racing to the doctor [whom, I am very grateful for when there is a need].  Our visits to the doctor were cut by more than half! 
I was MISERABLE! Depression, anxiety, constant back pain, stressed to the max miserable. I had my beautiful baby girl #3 and was forced to wean her at 7 months old because I was facing surgery.  I found a lump in my lower back.  The surgeon found more.  He removed six lipomas [non-cancerous fatty tumors], from my lower back, that had grown deep in my muscle tissue.  Recovery was one long month.
Then THE worst sinus infection of my life took hold of me for two months.  It would not go away!  I went to the doctor, who prescribed an anti-biotic. I took it, all of it… and the infection was worse still. I went back and got an even stronger anti-biotic. This one was sure to beat it, but it didn’t.  I was sicker and more run down than ever.  I felt like I was out of options and all I could ask was, “WHY ME?”
By some divine intervention, I talked to a dear friend who said she could help me, but it would be like nothing I had experienced before.  I was in a place of absolute desperation and willing to try anything.
I sat on her couch with my head throbbing from sinus pressure, every muscle in my body aching and tight from stress and anger that I was living this ongoing misery.  Midway through the Zone, I began to experience something new. My body was detoxing at a very rapid rate.  The pressure in my head was draining, my burning lungs were calm, my muscles relaxed and released, and my attitude was changed.  It was as if someone turned something on inside of me that brought me out of the darkness and into the light. 
I knew I had just been given one of the greatest gifts anyone had ever shared with me.  I did not know how the Zone worked, all I knew was it did work and it was nothing short of a series of miracles.  I could not wait to shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone who would listen.  I forced encouraged everyone in my family to get Zoned and told my mom “You have to learn how to do this!”
Almost 2 years to day that I found my first lump, I found 5 more lipomas in the same area of my lower back and tailbone.  I quickly scheduled surgery.  I wanted them GONE!  My recovery was quicker this time despite the fact that the surgeon had to cut through two layers of deep fascia to remove them completely.  Even though I was up on my feet much faster, there was a lingering pain in my hip that lasted for 4 months after the surgery.  I ignored it through my dad’s 2 month long stay in the ICU. I didn’t have time for my own pain.
When Dad was home from the hospital, I decided to find out the source of my discomfort and realized it was another tumor!  I was FURIOUS!!  I scheduled an appointment with my family doctor and demanded to know what was wrong with me, why was this happening?  I did not want to face yet another surgery. I told the doctor that these things were literally sucking the life out of me and I wanted a reason….something that would take me to the bottom of the issue. “Could it be my diet?” slipped out of my mouth. Doctor shook his head, “No. I am sorry.  You are just a mystery.  Have you considered that you have clinical depression?” WHAT?!?
I knew at that moment that it was time for me to take my health into my own hands.  I prayed and Googled for answers, to find anything, anyone who could help me.  People were put in my path that provided great sources of information. I signed up for a Family Herbalist course through Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing.  I radically changed my diet, which took me to a whole new level of health and understanding.
Mom and Jac were the first ones to take the Zone Balance Therapy courses in 2009-10.  I went to their graduation and knew that I needed to be a part of that incredible healing energy. I did not want to be left behind and I was finally at a place where I was ready to share the gift that I had been given.  So, I followed in their footsteps and received my certification one year later.
Through this incredible journey, I am evolving into someone I am proud of. I look at my trials very differently and see them as a way to help others on their own journey to awaken to new health, happiness, and balance. I am excited for what the future holds for me, my family, the Zone, and YOU!

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