June 4, 2012

Zone Balance Therapy and Synapses

For many years I felt disconnected and confused and I never understood why. During We Do Feet Seminars, Lisa, a fellow classmate was zoning me and as she integrated my right and left-brain I felt a powerful connection. I had never felt anything quite like it but knew that something amazing had just happened that had to do with my brain! I now feel connected, whole and complete. Could it be that the synapses in my brain were not communicating properly?

Long ago it was believed that the brain we developed as a child was the brain we were stuck with forever. The neural connections and chemicals we ended up with would doom us with negative thoughts, behaviors and bad habits. The human power to change was ignored leaving one to feel hopeless.

Luckily, a new breed of science showed us that the mind has the power to change our physical reality. There is hope indeed and Zone Balance Therapy can assist that change.

What are synapses? A synapse is a specialized junction where a neuron communicates with a target cell. The neuron releases a chemical transmitter that diffuses across a small gap and activates special sites called receptors on the target cell (www.medterms.com). Simply put, it allows the electrical activity in one nerve cell to influence the electrical activity of another.

Several times when zoning I have felt the neurons in the brain are misfiring, causing miscommunication at the synapse on some clients. After 3 zones, a 10 year-old boy diagnosed with ADD, reports he is able to focus in school and he feels better.

My husband, Charlie, suffered from several mini strokes and was experiencing memory loss. After being zoned regularly, he claims his memory has improved and he now enjoys clarity of thought and mind.

An active 86 year old, my beautiful mother sometimes feels overwhelmed with the day to day duties of caring for home and yard and keeping up with my 94 year old dad! At one point I was very concerned that she was showing signs of forgetfulness. Monthly zones have helped her mind stay “sharp as a tack”, and the fear of memory loss is past.

Regular Foot Zone Balance therapy promotes balance and homeostasis, putting the mind and body in a parasympathetic state which assists healing. I love the benefits of the zone.

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