May 23, 2012

Natural Sunscreen Option

It's getting warm outside! Well, sort of. It's really not today. And it probably won't be tomorrow either. Or the next day. It's Idaho, so you really never know what to expect. Regardless, my body is craving the sunshine! I probably need some serious Vitamin D. Now if this blasted wind would just go away…

Confession: sometimes I plan my cycling and/or running workouts in the hottest part of the day, just so I can soak up some rays. Yes, I've even been known to do it in 90 degrees or hotter.

Call me crazy. Everyone else does. In my defense, there is something incredibly healing and regenerating about the beautiful sun. It warms my heart, my soul, and clears my cluttered mind. 

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten risks of UV rays, but I'm not always the brightest marker in the box when it comes to protecting my skin. After my first sunburn this year (oopsy!), my mom suggested helichrysum to help repair the damage. As I was doing a little research on the oil, I discovered that not only does it help regenerate damaged tissue, but many cultures have used helichrysum as a sunscreen. What!? Sign me up. 

Monday of last week was a beautiful day, so my mom, sister, and I decided to head to Heise Hot Springs for the afternoon with my nieces and nephew. I knew in the back of my mind I should have taken some sunscreen, but I didn't have any. Thankfully, my mom had packed the helichrysum, without even knowing about it's protective qualities from the sun's rays. 

I informed her of the info I had read and we decided to give it a try, diluting with coconut oil which is supposed to block about 20% of the UV rays itself. We were out for at least two and a half hours. The sun was hot. We didn't get sunburned, unless you count the tiny square on my back that the helichrysum missed. 

I'm lovin' me some natural sunscreen!!*

*This is not total sun protection and I haven't come across any studies that prove anything. It's just something I tried that worked out well for me and thought I'd share. 

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